Born in Italy / Based in Berlin

Musician / Composer / Lyricist / Music Teacher

Genres: Jazz, Mediterranean and Brasilian Music,

Songwriter, Groove Music.

I think it all began when I moved to Berlin. 

From a young age I had always been fascinated by music, but I feel that as I left my mother tongue this fascination came to fruition. All of a sudden everything twisted into reflective spirals, the past was to be re-discovered and the present was to be lived. I started writing and talking music, seeking a language to express my emotions, to grasp the impression and depict the non-sense. I filled up notebooks with reflections and associations which drove the process of my composition and carried me on, searching.

Not being tied to any musical tradition, I taught myself the accordion and searched for my way to play it. I was supported and stimulated by the energy of the people around me and by the atmosphere of Berlin. Indeed it has been an honour to grow alongside great musicians and colleagues and I am still grateful for the opportunity to learn from incredibile teachers and improvisors.

I think that all I basically do is learning, exploring and trying out.

Everything you find in these pages is the product of my work in these years. I hope that you will enjoy it.


Genre: Choro, Jazz, Songs

Genre: Forrò, Baião, Xote, Choro

Pier Paolo Bertoli: Acc., Voice, Comp.

Noam Carmon: Clarinet

Adrian Flores Ibanez: Guitar

Pier Paolo Bertoli: Compostion

Alex de Almeida: Composition

Purzelbaum Verlag: Publishing

Rebekka Jochem_mask project_2017.jpg

Genre: Jazz, Kunstlied, Grooves

Pier Paolo Bertoli: Acc., Voice, Comp.

Lutz Wolf: Flügelhorn, Voice, Comp.

Querstadtein Berlin: Production

Ilona Marti: Sound design and concept

Pier Paolo Bertoli: Compostion, Acc.

Davide Provenzano: Trumpet

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Genre: Jewish and Mediterranean Music

Yael Gat: Trumpet, Voice

Doron Furman: Oud

Pier Paolo Bertoli: Accordion

Pier Paolo Bertoli: Poems, Concept

Saskia Page: Illustration

Past Projects just some
Maurizio Presidente ! - Logo no BG.jpg
out of dystopia.jpg

Genre: Swing, Chanson, Afrobeat, World

Christophine Huet: Voice, Ukulele

Sylvain Bouysset: Bass

Davide Provenzano: Trumpet, Voice

Goncalo Mortagua: Tenor Sax

Pier Paolo Bertoli: Accordion

Pier Ciaccio: Drums

Samuel Neyhousser: Cajon, Voice

Orpheas Tziagidis: Tenor Sax

Theater of Details: Acting, Scenery

Pier Paolo Bertoli: Comp., Acc, Keys

Amadeus Figuereido: Comp., Guitar


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